At SPRINT! Energy, we have practical expertise in the energy industry (an give training courses), in particular in the areas of electricity & heat generation, transport (transmission) & distribution networks, marketing of energy products, sales & energy supply as well as energy portfolio management, wholesale procurement & energy trading.We offer holistic advise along the market roles illustrated by our “Value Diamond“ of the energy sector.


Energy topics

We support our customers in current, energy-related issues related the following market roles

  • Upstream production and power generation

  • Portfolio management, wholesale, supply and trading

  • Transmission, distribution, feed-in and aggregation

  • Marketing, sales and energy supply

  • Liberalised market on metering and metering services

Please find more information on these topics in our references or simply describe your current needs. We will be happy to assist you.

Hot Topic 2021 - Redispatch 2.0

In Germany, the new regulatory regime "Redispatch 2.0" will – for the first time – oblige all of the more than 800 distribution system operators to contribute proactively to offset grid congestions in a cost-optimised manner. These new rules, which are to be implemented successively as early as in summer 2021, will additionally affect the entire value chain, particularly the multitude of electricity traders and suppliers as well as equally the operators of the estimated 80,000 German power generation and storage plants with capacities above 100 kW, including countless Renewable Energy and CHP plants.

Thousands of plant operators and their dispatchers or wholesalers need to prepare for possible forced adaptions in their electricity generation, receive re-balances for non-production and reconcile costs caused by “Redispatch 2.0”.

This – in turn – makes "Redispatch 2.0" the key regulatory issue in Germany in the current year 2021! All distribution system operators are required to design overarching mass communication processes in order to cope with the new complexity of additional market roles, their coordination with each other, and the long-awaited forecast-driven network control.

The market players are facing several challenges such as:

  • the understanding of the overall process "Redispatch 2.0" with all its models, case distinctions, rules, data messages and formats as well as deadlines

  • the new communication system between the power plant operators respectively those responsible for plant deployment and the grid operators on the basis of the standardized XML formats for once off master data as well as – continuously – for non-availabilities and up-front generation schedules

  • the control of the curative rebalancing and, if necessary, financial compensation via an extended balancing group management with a multitude of new or modified EDIFACT messages and schedule notifications

  • supplementary, innovative solutions for control systems / interface problems and for data security with necessarily adapted IT infrastructure

  • anchoring of the new business processes in the organization, significant acceleration of vital procedures with a substantially increased degree of digitalization

Our team of experienced consultants in the energy sector can support you in the following topics:

  • easy to understand instructing sessions on “Redispatch 2.0 Basics”, either in form of compact crash workshops (min. 2 hrs) or intensive seminars (up to one days)

  • hands-on support in co-determining the impact, including a target-to-actual performance reconciliation and the preparation of a detailed remedial action plan.

  • review of the current system architecture and/or of existing individual systems

  • description of future internal business processes and application systems, from feed-in forecasts to grid status forecasts to the on-the-spot deactivation of remotely controllable power plant units

  • on-the job training of the business unit employees enabling them to smoothly deal with this challenging transformation and change process

We possess a deep and thorough understanding of the electricity forecasting, redispatch and balancing processes of both, power plant and grid operators. To this end, we work with established IT-partners to generate feasible and custom-based solutions.