Project Management and Business Process Optimisation

In the areas of change and project management, amongst others, we have successfully worked for executives on the following topics:

  • Optimised cooperation between the planning, manufacturing and assembly divisions in piping prefabrication; creation of a new warehouse concept, designing a capacity forecasting tools and implementing various work instructions.

  • Project management for the re-structuring of a utility company’s premises including three power plant units, network services and administration functions incl. an area access control system, park and storage concepts as well as the construction of the representative entrance building and of multi-functional service building

  • Documentation and optimisation of business processes in the order management of a repair and maintenance service provider for a chemical park

  • Harmonisation of Germany-wide sales processes of a sub-metering company at 2 pilot branches for later rollout to approx. 15 other branches

  • Project management for the construction of a new indoor pool (50 m sports pool) for a communal public service

Upstream Production and Power Generation

SPRINT! offers structured advice to companies operating in the field of oil & gas exploration and production as well as operators of centralised and decentralised power generation facilities.

Selected references / projects covered by SPRINT! consultants:

  • Set-up of the new business line “marketing of existing thermal power plants to international investors“

  • Analysis of more than 40 coal or gas fired power generation units in terms of re-utilisation as well as relocation and sales potential

  • Hands-on advice on conducting market entry and feasibility studies for thermal as well as hydro power plants in South Eastern Europe

  • An introduction to the Redispatch 2.0 rules and regulations with a highlighting of the new, operator-side market roles, required decisions and new tasks (also provided as a seminar)

Transport & Distribution

SPRINT! is often viewed as the natural partner of GRID OPERATORS especially when dealing with the optimisation of internal structures affecting transmission and distribution as well as provision of technical support:

  • Concept preparation and introduction of a performance based work force management regarding distribution operations

  • Definition and implementation of the customisation of processes and IT systems in line with the new directives and regulatory requirements affecting the network operation

  • Conduct regulatory and operational workshops to increase awareness upon introduction of the directive on commercial power grid balancing

  • Project management on the setup of an inter-TSO "load frequency control agreement" between two neighbouring TSOs

  • Implementation of the Redispatch 2.0 regulations at a German distribution system operator

Portfolio Management, Wholesale and Trade

SPRINT! services cover not only PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT including SMART METERING and E-MOBILITY, but also BUSINESS PROCESSES and DATA EXCHANGE in view of customer support improvements:

  • Expansion of supply management of a country-wide active power and natural gas retail company

  • Conception and development of a sales information system aiming at improved customer data quality management and sales management

  • Process analysis and the subsequent deduction of system requirements requirement for the cross-border commercial dispatch of gas transport in or through Central Europe

  • Process-based organisational dimensioning for the gas procurement division as well as the operational structure of the electricity balancing group management team

  • Preparation of service contracts for a nationwide call/billing operator whilst reducing cost-to-serve of a major electricity and gas retail company

Metering Services

SPRINT!’s competencies expand to the strategic concepts to deal with the liberalised and enhanced market role METERING SYSTEM OPERATOR as well as to the operational changes needed to deal with the new legislation.

  • Operational and retail concepts and technical implementation of smart metering solution for communal grid operators

  • Sales support to a smart metering service provider

  • Enhanced training regarding the technical and regulatory changes in the field of metering systems and metering data collection