SPRINT! stands for:

  • knowledge of the current energy themes
  • highest competence in the sector
  • excellence through measurable results
  • trustful and partnership-based relations

We always assemble our consulting teams from experienced consultants and experts according to your requirements.

Executives experienced us as follows:

  • The consultants of SPRINT! are known for their efficient business process analysis and the operational implementation of customer-designed optimisations and very quickly become acquainted with new specialist topics and adopt to new team constellations.
  • In project management, the experienced consultants also master complex situations and help us effectively in project control, both in case of deviations from the project target and in critical, operational questions.

This is how energy companies see us:

  • The achievements of SPRINT! was to significantly improve the efficient interaction of established market roles along the value-added stages of our utilities company.
  • On the other hand, we received pragmatic assistance and gained sensible optimisations within our specialist and service sectors as well as got valuable support of our project managers
  • The basis of the consulting success is the combination between in-depth market and industry knowledge with pragmatic, results-oriented implementation skills.