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Smart Metering and E-Mobility

Smart Metering and E-Mobility

Metering Services   SPRINT!’s competencies expand to the strategic concepts to deal with the liberalised and enhanced market role METERING SYSTEM OPERATOR and Meter Data Provider as well as to the operational changes needed to deal with the new legislation. Below...
Smart Metering and E-Mobility

Marketing, Distribution & Energy Supply

Marketing, Distribution & Energy Supply   SPRINT! services cover not only PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT including SMART METERING and E-MOBILITY, but also BUSINESS PROCESSES and DATA EXCHANGE in view of customer support improvements.   Below an overview of key...
Smart Metering and E-Mobility

Energy Transmission & Distribution

Transport & Distribution   SPRINT! is often viewed as the natural partner of GRID OPERATORS especially dealing with the optimisation of internal structures affecting transmission and distribution as well as provision of technical support.   Below an...
Smart Metering and E-Mobility

Portfolio Management, Wholesale & Trade

Portfolio Management, Wholesale & Trade   SPRINT! offers customised advice not only to DISTRIBUTION and WHOLESALE of local energy suppliers but also to specialised energy trading companies.   Below an overview of key projects:   Business process...
Smart Metering and E-Mobility


  SPRINT! offers in the UPSTREAM (exploration, production and power generation) structured advice to companies operating in the field of oil & gas exploration as well as operators of centralised and decentralised power generation facilities.   Below an...