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Acquisitions, Concessions and Investments



Acquisitions, Concessions and Investments


  • SPRINT! has gained a tremendous experience in structuring and realising profitable concessions with returns above the average in South Eastern Europe.


  • SPRINT! acted as the key local transaction advisor of an international German investor group for the preparation of the BOOT privatisation of the longest motorway concession in North Albania. SPRINT! advices the investor on the key business plan assumptions, maintained relationship to all the parties involved in order to facilitate communication during the bid preparation phase, screened and selected the subcontractors for the construction phase and the operation phase, particularly the maintenance of the motorway, and assisted in the preparation of the bid documentation.


  • SPRINT! acted as the key local transaction advisor of a local investor group for the preparation of the BOOT privatisation of an infrastructure asset in the new Republic of Kosovo in cooperation with a consortium of French companies active in construction, planning and commercial development. SPRINT! developed the strategy, screened the market with the purpose of identifying co international investors and prepared the required documentation for the initial tender submission phase.


  • SPRINT! acted as lead transaction advisor for the BOOT concession of Macedonian Airports, on behalf of a market leader German based airport investor. The task included a full market analysis, client relationship management, partner selection and verification, due diligence and pre bid advice.


  • Its executive staff and the company have participated hands on in the privatisation, take over and management of the BOOT concession of Tirana International Airport including the materialisation of the investment as one of the most successful privatisations in the Region. SPRINT! offered its client advise and hands on support in structuring the project and acquisitions strategy, preparing the bid, financing the investment, taking over of the operations and full implementations of the investment and management programme.


  • SPRINT! is in the process of finalising an advisory agreement with a Kosovo Ministry of line in charge of the most important forthcoming privatisation of the energy distribution company. The tasks of SPRINT! are expected to include advise to the executive government decision makers on the process, performance of advisors, road show and investor attractiveness as well as process structuring. 


  • SPRINT! supported a key leader in the utilities market for the assessment and valuation of a 1,2 billion Euro investment in the field of thermo power generation. The task of SPRINT as dedicated local strategic advisor was to support in all areas including market survey, local subcontractor identification and selection, business plan verifications and assumptions, environmental assessments, communications and media strategic positioning.


  • SPRINT! supported a Danish based investor in its efforts to pair with an Albanian investor for the development construction and management of a BOOT 35 years concession in the hydro power market in South Albania. SPRINT! special support aimed at reconciling the interest of the parties and developing a win-win situation to the benefit of the project.


  • SPRINT! supported an Austrian based energy player in establishing their presence in Albania upon awarding of a BOOT Concession of an HPP in the country. The tasks included market research for the identification of their key executive local staff (representative/finance accountant/technical director/office management) for the successful implementation of the concession.


  • SPRINT! offered structured consulting to a key player in the German energy market that participated in the construction of the 400 KV OHL tender between Albania and Montenegro. SPRINT! Services included partner selection, client relationship, bid input with regard to environment, customs, taxes as well as competitor analysis.


  • SPRINT! has also offered advise to a German based consulting company, participating in the privatisation of the small hydropower stations as well as the privatisation of the power distribution company (KESH) in Albania. SPRINT! input in this transaction encompassed consortium building, bid composition and preparation, client relationship and local logistics.