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Consumer Goods and Distribution



Consumer Goods and Distribution


  • SPRINT! has been selected as the exclusive advisor of a German based market leader in the field of safety products to run a fully fledged research of the Albanian market in the sectors of mining, oil and gas, firefighting, law reinforcement etc with the aim of introducing the products in it. The research involves not only market data collection and analysis, but also a short, medium and long term positioning picture of the company in Albania and in the region.


  • SPRINT! offered intensive consulting to a food and beverage Albanian based operator with regard to the expansion of services in Tirana downtown market. SPRINT! conducted a thorough market research and survey, analysis of the food and beverage market, potential expansion in the catering services, prepared the business plans, financing options, operational programme and quality standards overview.


  • SPRINT! also supported the reestablishment of the representative office of a German based company active in the small consumer goods electricity market in Albania. Services included a fully fledged human resource search of their executive staff, take over of non performing operations and reestablishment of the company in the market.