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Construction Services and Facility Management



Construction Services and Facility Management


    • SPRINT! has worked for a long time with almost all the market leaders in the field of construction in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. As part of the BOOT Concessions, the construction companies have been often advised by SPRINT! concerning their positioning in the market, their presentation of capacities and supply base as well as on the contractual terms of cooperation with international companies.


    • SPRINT! offered intensive consulting to one of the largest security services European providers also present in Albania with respect to their competitive positioning in Albania and the expanded region as well as the establishment of a communication strategy for the proper introduction of additional corporate products.


    • SPRINT! conducted a thorough market research and analysis of the prime location parking potential for an Albanian based car parking operator, including detailed business planning, financing options, organisational structures and start of operations as well as customer profiling.


    • SPRINT! offered a German based engineering company a full support in building up the team for the supervision of the renovation of the treasury offices of the Ministry of Finance in 36 districts all around Albania. The team leader is a SPRINT! experienced engineer supported by SPRINT! logistics.


    • SPRINT! also offered specialised consulting to one of the largest Albanian facility management companies with respect to their competitive positioning in the transport industry as well as the expansion of their portfolio in other industries.